Electrician Tools Required For Electrical Work

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Published: 15th December 2010
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Much progress has been made in the variety of tools at your disposal. Even though there are various tools that an electrician can use, there are several tools that are important to use, which are nearly used all the time, even though there is a need to restrict the amount of tools that can be brought to a certain work site.

Tools Necessary: Manual Tools

The electrician requires several simple hand tools to perform simple tasks.

This consists of:

Screwdrivers (Square and Phillips head) in different sizes and lengths, plus nut drivers and a set of hex keys. Pliers of a large variety including channel lock, side-cutting, long-nose, needle-nose, and diagonal are all part of the list.

There are tools that every electrician should have in their disposal. They are, among others, wire strippers, a hacksaw frame, a pair of tin ships, a razor and electricians knife and cut-off and key-hole saws. Adjustable wrench, tap wrench set, crescent wrench, half round file with handle, cold chisel, scratch awl, reamer, tri-tap and center punch. Square, basic tape measures, wood folding rule, laser measuring tool, fish poles and fish tapes, and wire strippers. Level, torpedo level, chalk line, razor blades, electricians hammer, fuse puller, flashlight, carpenters pencils, nail puller, and labeling machine.

Advancement in the technology of tool design has produced a lot of tools which are power driven to make an electrician's work easy and comfortable. In order to for an electrician to keep their tools organized as well as within an arm's reach, they must have a tool box or bag, electrician's belt and pouch.

Electricians also need tools specifically designed for working with the electrical current, such as a 600V AC/DC vol-con tester, volt-amp meter, neon circuit tester, power testers, and VDV tools and testers.

An electrician does not always need to use every tool that they own to complete a job. It is however, a good idea to have a wide assortment available to ensure that they able to .complete the job requirements. Most of these are brought with the electrical engineer so that there is a trend of picking light tools because they are safer and easier to carry. An electrician's job will be less stressful if he uses lightweight and precise tools which are comfortable to work with.

As well as the previous mentioned tools, anyone working with electricity must have access to all tools that provide safety, including goggles, gloves, and specific clothes. Electricians use a number of different kinds of shields, such as insulating and arc suppression blankets.

Hand tools should be double insulated, and if the work environment demands it because of flammability issues, tools should also be non-sparking. The comfort and easiness of any work depends on the ergonomic tools a worker chooses to work with.

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